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Build a Chicken Coop

Backyard Chickens

You may have noticed articles in the local paper or even have neighbors who have put up a backyard chicken coop. There isn't a better way to get fresh eggs, control insects, and create a rich manure than by raising your own chickens. They are fun, pretty, and easy to deal with ... a critter that pulls its own weight!
Keeping Chickens


Stretching the Food Budget

The longevity of various foods depends on their perishability. Some, like sugars, alcohol-based extracts, and high acid canned goods, will keep for years unopened. Other foods like bread or cookies can get stale in a few days. .
How long do staples last in the pantry?

Garden Tool Care

Every gardener has his or her own tool rituals. Some buy one new deluxe tool every season and take particular care to maintain and store it properly, while others simply replace ho-hum tools as they break. To simplify gardening and save time, purchasing and taking care of high quality tools is its own reward.
Garden Tool Maintenance

Kitchen Safety

Your kitchen is the heart of the your home, but it may also the most likely area for fire, electrical, or other hazards. If you've spent any time in the kitchen, you've probably burned, cut, or poisoned yourself. Because the potential for accidents abounds, the following tips may help.
Stay Safe in the Kitchen

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