Fire Safety Around Your House

Get every family member in on the plan

Fire prevention save lives and property.

Once your home is on fire, you have less than four minutes before toxic smoke robs you of consciousness. Do you have a plan to escape?

Every years in the US, more than 4000 people die in fires. Many of those fires were preventable. The following fire prevention tips could help save your family and home.

Smoke and CO2 alarms

Every home should have at least one tested, functional smoke detector. Often they go off for no reason and can be very annoying. Learn how yours works and how to turn it off quickly for a false alarm.

Sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers

Sometimes a small fire starts and can be contained with minimal damage if you are prepared.

Fireplaces, woodstoves, and chimneys

A dirty chimney is the culprit in many a household fire.

Electrical appliances and equipment

Frayed cords, old appliances, and overloaded circuits can spell trouble.

Kitchen fires

Kitchens, with their various electrical elements, are a common source of home fires.

Other fire hazards

Don't forget outdoor fire safety

Nothing says summer in the Western US more than wildfire season. The following tips are good practices anywhere.

Fire escape plan

Your family is more likely to survive a fire if you prepare in advance. Planning an escape can make all the difference.

To ensure your family's safety, cleaning the chimney can prevent fires. To find a qualified professional in your area, contact Next Step Remodeling Small Repairs .

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