Bulbs, Corms, & Tubers

Glorious spring & summer bloomers

August Lily

Of all the various flowers you can put in your garden, no type gives so much for so little care as bulbs. By selecting a range, even a novice can have a succession of blooms from January through October in most areas of the U.S. Starting with snowdrops while snow is still on the ground, the list includes daffodils, tulips, iris, gladiolus, lilies, tuberous begonias, cannas, finally ending the summer in a blaze of glory with spectactular dahlias.

Bulbs go a step further by bringing color and life indoors during the dreariest of winter days. Forcing bulbs allows you to add punchy color in December with amaryllis, paperwhite narcissus, and hyacinth.

We hope that you'll find our information on bulb growing a helpful introduction.

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