Roses for Cutting

Bringing the rose garden indoors

If you want to cut roses for floral display, be forewarned...not all roses do well once cut. Some last only a day or so in water before wilting spectacularly.

A word about cutting

Water your roses well the day before cutting. Cut your roses early in the day when there is the most sugar in the blossom and stem. Use clean, sharp pruners and cut to the first five leaf leaflet at an angle and without crushing the stem.

Take your roses inside to prepare them right away. Fill two buckets with hot water. Add floral preservative to one. In the bucket without the preservative, recut each rose under water, again at an angle and without crushing the stem. Once cut, put it in the bucket with the preservative. To get even longer bloom life, put the recut blooms into a refrigerator as soon as the water cools.

Arrange your flowers the following day in a clean vase filled with fresh water and more preservative. Remove all leaves or thorns that will be below the water line. Keep them in a shady, cool location in your house as much as possible to preserve them from heat or sunlight. Recut every other day and refresh the water.

The following classic roses varieties are particularly gratifying when cut.

Reds and Pinks

  • Etoile de Holland (Rose Red)
  • Etoile de France (Crimson)
  • Hadley (Velvety Crimson)
  • Hoosier Beauty (Scarlet)
  • E. G. Hill (Dark Red)
  • Radiance (Red or Pink)
  • Crimson Glory (Bright Crimson)
  • Capistrano (Clear Pink)
  • Los Angeles (Yellow Pink)
  • Cecil Brunner (Rose Salmon)
  • Dame Edith Helen (Bright Pink)
  • Catherine Cordes (Cherry Red)
  • Charlotte Armstrong (Cerise)
  • Sweet Sixteen (Light Pink)
  • First Love (Dark Pink)
  • Texas Centenial (Rose Red)
  • Nocturne (Dark Red)
  • Applause (Cherry Red)
  • Show Girl (Deep Rose Pink)
  • Taffeta (Carmine Rose) Sonata (Deep Pink)
  • Editor Mc Farland (Clear Pink)
  • Signora (Scarlet Orange)



  • Peace (Creamy Yellow Pink)


  • Joanna Hill (Apricot Yellow)
  • Mrs. P. S. DuPont (Yellow)
  • Mme Chiang Kai Shek (Yellow)
  • Golden Scepter (Golden Yellow)
  • Tawny Gold (Modified Gold)
  • Golden Rapture (Golden Yellow)
  • Talisman (Gold Pink Carmine)
  • Fred Howard (Yellow)

Oranges and Coppers

  • Feu Joseph Looymans (Apricot)
  • Heinrich Gaede (Copper Orange)
  • Sunkist (Orange Yellow)
  • Helen Traubel (Bronzy Orange)

Salmons and Corals

  • Grand Duchess Charlotte (Coral)
  • Countess Vandal (Salmon Pink)


American Rose Society

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