Disease Resistant Roses

Varieties to reduce fungus and mildew

Roses are subject to many ailments, insect pests, and fungous infections that can take a lot of the pleasure out of growing them. If you let blackspot get established, you may go out one day to find your canes completely denuded. It's a very sad sight and one that can dismay the most ardent rose gardener.

To attain rich greenery and lush blooms, start with plants that are appropriate for your region. Some roses, like tight balled old roses, will suffer in an overly damp spring and literally rot on their stems without ever opening. Some years it's unavoidable—you can't control the weather after all, but you can save yourself some grief by selecting and siting roses appropriate to your zone and climate.

Roses like regular feeding and plenty of sun and water. By choosing some of the following classic roses, you may see your rose garden bloom happily for years to come.


  • Safrano (Apricot Yellow)
  • Lady Hillingdon (Apricot Yellow)
  • Lowell Thomas (Clear Yellow)
  • Ville de Paris (Light Yellow)
  • Sutters Gold (Yellow Orange)
  • Eclipse (Pale Yellow)
  • Golden Emblem (Clear Yellow)
  • Mrs. E. P. Thom (Yellow)
  • Golden Sceptor (Golden Yellow)
  • Mrs P. S. DuPont (Yellow)
  • Debonair (Yellow)

Oranges and coppers

  • Etoile de Feu (Orange)
  • Mrs. Lovell Swisher (Copper)
  • Condesa de Sastago (Orange Red)
  • Duchessa de Penaranda (Orange)
  • Angel Pernet (Orange)
  • Fred Edmonds (Orange)

Reds and pinks

  • Rapture (Light Pink)
  • Charlotte Armstrong (Cerise)
  • Rubaiyat (Rose Red)
  • First Love (Dark Pink)
  • Imperial Potentate (Carmine)
  • Mark Sullivan (Cerise)
  • Radiance (Red or Pink)
  • Sweet Sixteen (Light Pink)
  • Girona (Red Yellow)

Salmons and corals

  • Grand Duchess Charlotte (Coral)
  • Mission Bells (Salmon Pink)
  • Shot Silk (Salmon Pink)


  • Peace (Creamy Yellow Pink)

To free time to make gardening a pleasure, consider a landscaper to help structure your garden for optimum performance. A landscape pro can provide advice and do the big jobs, so maintenance will be a breeze. Find a pro now at UpdateRenovate .

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