Roses for Scent

Stop and smell the roses

Redolent of spices, honey, or fruit, many roses come a vast array of scents. There are some that have little or no scent though their form and color are exquisite, it can leave you disappointed that its promise of olfactory delight is left wanting. Some gardeners want roses that scent their summer with the rich perfume of many roses. The varieties here are classics that excel in the scent department and ordered by color.

Red and Pink

  • Crimson Glory (Bright Crimson)
  • The Doctor (Very large pink)
  • Vesuvious (Dark Red)
  • Tallyho (Bi-color Rose Pink)
  • San Fernando (Dark Crimson)
  • Hearts Desire (Luminous Red)
  • Etoile de Holland (Rose Red)
  • Mirandy (Dark Red)
  • Radiance (Pink or Red)
  • President Hoover (Pink Yellow)
  • Kitchener (Velvety Scarlet)
  • Mark Sullivan (Cerise)
  • Portadown Fragrance (Pink)
  • William F. Dreer (Pink Yellow)
  • Dame Edith Helen (Bright Pink)
  • Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur (Red)
  • Imperial Potentate (Carmine)
  • Mme. Albert Barbier (Pale Pink)
  • Texas Centennial (Rose Red)
  • Sonata (Deep Pink)
  • Girona (Red Yellow)
  • Applause (Changing Red)
  • Madame Butterfly (Pale Pink)
  • Christopher Stone (Plush Scarlet)
  • Sweet Sixteen (Light Pink)
  • Taffeta (Carmine Rose)
  • Katherine T. Marshal (Clear Pink)
  • Hadley (Velvety Crimson)
  • Rubaiyat (Crimson)
  • New Yorker (Red)


  • McGredys Ivory (Off-white)
  • Mme. Jules Bouchet (Blush White)
  • Lamarque (White)


  • Tawny Gold (Modified Gold)
  • Mrs. P. S. DuPont (Yellow)
  • Debonair (Yellow)
  • Lady Hillingdon (Apricot Yellow)
  • Sutters Gold (Yellow Orange)

Orange and Copper

  • Duqessa de Penaranda (Orange)
  • Sutters Gold (orange)
  • Saturnia (Copper Yellow)

Salmon and Coral

  • The Chief (Coral Copper)
  • Rev. Page-Roberts (Buff Salmon)
  • Countess Vandal (Salmon Pink)

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