March Gardening Checklist

The busy month of March

March Crocus

Finally, it's March. Depending on where you live, the weather can be a lovely, early spring opportunity to get out in the garden and get to work or an obstacle that you need to work around. One thing is sure: it's no time to dawdle because there's plenty to do this month.

Caution is the keyword this month. It may look warm and inviting, but unless you live in the lower latitudes, you could be courting disaster if you try to plant before your last frost date. Suit the work to the weather.

If you've not pondered the idea, you might consider getting some chickens. March is the ideal month to brood a few chicks (check local zoning for number allowed in your area) to raise hens for egg laying, bug catching, and weeding. (You'll need to keep them out of your tender starts though.)

If you want to spend time on the fun stuff, hire a landscape service to handle the annual lawn cultivation and renewal project. ContractorNexus can help you find a qualified service in your area.

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