Essential Tasks to Prepare for Spring Gardening

Ready, set, plan

After the winter holiday season, most gardeners start itching to get back out in the yard and start their spring gardens. Unless you live in a mild climate though, chances are your garden is still under snow or too wet and cold to work. As a result, January and February are ideal months for planning, ordering seed, and starting plants indoors to be ready the instant they can jump into the growing season.

Work back six weeks from the last frost date in your area to develop a timeline. The following list will help you get started before you set out a single plant.

Don't get anxious and start working in the garden too early. The soil needs to be damp but not soggy or sticky. If you take a handful of soil and make a ball, it should fall apart easily when you open your hand. Also, setting out plants prematurely often results in discouraging losses. Planning and getting ready to go saves time and money you'll want to spend on cool new plants and tools.


The Ann Lovejoy Handbook of Northwest Gardening: Natural Care and Sustainable Design

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