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If you are typical of most people once they have caught the gardening bug, you are probably dreaming of a small greenhouse. It may seem like a luxury, but really once you have one, nothing could be further from the truth. A small greenhouse can be tucked into all but the tiniest lots and can be creatively designed to be energy efficient, functional, and aesthetically delightful.

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Kits are available in a range of materials and prices, but for a motivated do-it-yourselfer, a small greenhouse can be constructed affordably for a relatively small cash outlay. Lean-tos against garage or house take advantage of an existing wall and are particularly inexpensive, though siting is particularly important. The primary advantage of a purchased greenhouse kit is that many of the details such as dealing with high humidity, leakage, and ventilation have already been considered and dealt with in the design. Someone building a small greenhouse from scratch needs to consider these issues to prevent problems that might result in premature failure or plant loss.

Tips for building your own greenhouse

The following tips will help you design and build your own greenhouse.



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Hire a carpenter to help frame your greenhouse. ContractorNexus can help you locate a qualified pro in your city.

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