Month by Month Planting Calendar

When to plant what

Find out when you need to plant different flora in your region. Every month presents new opportunities for adding, subtracting, or dividing plants in your garden.

In most areas of the country, if the ground isn´t frozen, you can plant bulbs, but some plants require being tucked in for the winter so they can start off with vigorous growth in the spring after a long winter nap. Others are happiest being set out after the possibility of killing frosts are long past.

Each gardening zone is a range of micro-climates, so your newspaper or regional gardening publications (in print and on the Web) are good sources of local gardening information. University or county extension services are well-versed in everything from local soil conditions to the range of plants, shrubs, and trees that will thrive in your area.

For Plant Hardiness Zones, check out the USDA maps on our site.

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