Trees & Soil Depth

For trees that require depth for a tap root to withstand storms, the following list may help narrow your choices...especially if you live in an area where soil depths may be fairly shallow. In areas with caliche or inpenetrable hardpan, planting these tree could be an exercise in frustration. However, where soil is deep enough these trees will live a very long time because they can tap water sources that enable them to be sustained even during periods of drought.

This list is biased toward trees grown in moderate climates so check with your nursery for varieties that might be intolerant of particularly cold climates.

Trees, Plants, and Shrubs for Deep Soils

Agathis robusta
Angophora lanceolata
Aruacaria excelsa
Bougainvillea (varieties)
Brachychiton (species)
Calodendrum capense
Castanospermum australe
Cedrus deodara
Chilopsis linearis
Chorisia speciosa
Cinnamomum camphora
Cupressus arizonica
Cupressus guadalupensis

Cupressus lusitanica
Dracaena australis
Eucalyptus (check species)
Ficus macrophyllus
Fraxinus velutina
Harpullis arborea
Juglans regia
Lecadendron argenteum
Liquidambar styraciflua
Phytolacca dioica
Platanus racemosa
Populus fremonti
Populus nigra italica
Pterospermum acerfolium
Quercus (species)
Quillaja saponaria
Schinus molle
Sequoia sempervirens
Sequoiadendron giganteum
Taxodium (species)
Tipuana tipu
Torreya californica
Umbellularia californica
Washingtonia filifera
Wisteria floribunda

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