Trees & Shrubs

From specimen to hedge, trees and shrubs offer serenity

Trees and hedges

Many homeowners have trees on their property and spend years enjoying their seasonal beauty and serene presence. Many trees are long lived. As a new homeowner and parent, you'll plant a stick and have a reasonable, but still small tree when your children are parents themselves. Trees are a symbol of endurance throughout the seasons and the best loved trees are those that are generations old which have suffered through lightening strikes and generations of tree houses and swings.

Like trees, woody shrubs are perennial and often require no more than minimal interference.

Periodically, we need to interfere, trim, and occasionally remove trees and shrubs. Here we'll offer not only information about trees, but additional thoughts and ideas for maintenance, wood storage, firewood and what's best to burn, as well as other topics such as how to recycle yard debris.

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