Midwinter Home Maintenance for January

Mid Winter Checklist

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In the darkest part of the year, it´s tempting to try hibernating through the next couple months. If you can get a plan in place now though, you can get a jump on spring. The following home maintenance checklist provides a "to do" list for January, a list of seasonal sales, and a small kit to organize those items that you always seem to have to rummage for when decorating for Christmas next year.

After the work and mania that accompanies the holiday season, January provides an opportunity to regroup and reorganize.

January Sales

Post-holiday sales for cards, wrap, decorations

White sales for bedding and linens

Sports and weight-loss equipment


Winter clothing and accessories

Organizers, storage containers, shelving

Christmas Kit

Use small containers to organize:

  • Extra fuses and replacement bulbs for the strings of lights
  • Wire bulb hangers
  • Christmas stocking hangers
  • Push pins
  • Picture hangers

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