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Enjoy your weekend; a home cleaning service can help

Most of us enjoy living and working in a serene, clutter-free, clean home. But, the reality is that many of us don´t have the inclination or time to dust, wax, polish, and tidy up everything just the way we’d like. Housekeeping chores generally do not fall into the category of favorite activities. At home, family and personal activities take up a majority of time, and housekeeping gets pushed down on the list. At the office, time spent cleaning just doesn´t seem like the best use of the day. Help with weekly maintenance, regular cleaning, or occasional cleaning projects can be a sanity saver and allow you to focus on what you want and need to do.

Often professional property managers and general contractors hire housekeeping services to cleanup between renters or after construction is completed.

Regular services offered include:

Tips for Finding a Good Cleaning Service

Find a reputable business. Get several estimates for work, especially if you want regularly scheduled service. Check company’s references for employees.

Make sure the company is insured. The service should have liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and bonding. These will protect you against accidental property damages, accidents that injure the cleaning person on your property, and theft.

Explain the job thoroughly to the person who will perform the cleaning. Be sure to point out valuables, fragile items, and areas that should not be touched. Explain any unusual jobs that need to be done.

If certain rooms don’t need to be cleaned, make them off limits. This can save you money.

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