Late Spring Home Maintenance for May

Late Spring Checklist

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By May, we´ve started planting and, with luck, have our home´s interior tidied up and organized for the next few months. May is great for spring cleaning, or if you started, but ran short of time, it´s a good time to wrap it up. Memorial weekend at the end of the month is typically a great time to do a couple painting projects as well as some of those fix-up projects around the yard. When you´re done, a barbecue is a dandy way to unwind with family and friends.

May Sales

Summer clothing and accessories

Spring cleaning supplies

Linens and towels

Auto maintenance supplies and tires

Home maintenance

Memorial Day sales on picnic foods like soda, chips, hotdogs, hamburgers

Summer Car Kit
Replace your winter car kit this month with the summer version. Keep the following in your car:
  • Water, snacks
  • Blanket
  • Flashlight
  • Jumper cables

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