Critical Document Checklist

Storage for important household documents and records

Are your important records and documents scattered around your house?

Whether you decide to rent a safe deposit box, or store your papers at home in a lock box or personal safe, the following loosely categorized list is a starting point to help get them organized:

Personal records

Financial records

Legal papers

*If you store a will in a safe deposit box, make sure that a trusted family member or the executor of your will has right of access to your box. Otherwise, getting access to your will after your death could be unnecessarily difficult.

Securing documents

Aside from the issue of a safe deposit box and your untimely demise without someone to access your will, there are other considerations pertaining to safe deposit boxes you may want to consider. Read the rental agreement carefully. You need to make sure that your spouse, executor, or a trusted family member or friend knows how to get to your safe deposit box and retrieve its contents.

If you store your papers at home, a fireproof safe is your best bet and, if the worst happens, a wise investment. However, at the very least, it's sensible to organize your important documents and records for speedy retrieval in one easily accessible location known to as few people as practical.


Conquering Chronic Disorganization

If you need space to organize yourself or store your household safe, custom cabinetry might help with the kinds of storage solutions that work for you. Find experienced finish carpenter through ContractorNexus .

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