Homeowner Q & A

Do you have questions about your home, improvement products, or just need advice? Find out what you need to know before you spend your hard-earned cash.

We´ve collected a series of questions from homeowners and answers from contractors, architects, and other homeowners that contains hard won experience, product information, and advice from industry pros that will save you time and money.

Design and Planning
covers additions and new home construction as well as room ideas and general interior design planning and decorating.

Yard & Garden
Dozens of chores and activities need to take place around the house and in the yard and garden all year. From propagating plants to planning water features, our Q & A section offers answers to reader concerns.

Building and Remodeling
contains product information on appliances, building products, and contract specialties from masonry to roofing.

Contracts and Codes
explains information on contracts, insurance, mortgages, and building codes.

Household tips

Find useful information on keeping up with regular household chores.

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