Topic: Should I Add a Basement?

Author: Chris
Date Posted: 1/27/2003
Hello, We are going to be building a new home with in a few months. We have land already and are still in the surveying stage. We just got permission to hook up to county sewer via grinder pump (just not enough elevation) A septic system is not viable because of a poor perk test. Although a "Drip System" might have worked, the expense was greater the a hook up. Question : The house is approx. 3500 s.f. two story. To save costs we are deciding weather or not to build it with a basement or even a crawspace or on a slab. What would be the cost difference between all 3 choices ? Dose the soil condition (land has a slight slope) make a difference in our case ? We live in the mid-atlanic region (4 I think). Thanks in advance.

Author: Chris
Posted: 1/27/2003

Forgot to add..

The soil survey had this to say: "An area of land (about where were going to build) along the streambed, is comprised of Hatboro soils which impose severe limitations on non-farm development due to high water tables"

This sound bad, but about 6 other houses are down the road (100ft apart) are in the same conditions.

Author: Charlie Davis
Posted: 2/5/2003

Do not add a basement if you have high water tables. Consider it as placing your basement in an underground lake. Not that this cannot be accomplished but, economics it your case means building up not down.
A slab is usually more economical over a crawl space, but not in all cases. Crawlspaces afford future access to subfloor plumbing and heating.

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