Topic: Adding a Floor

Author: john lewis
Date Posted: 1/14/2004
I have a two story living room that is open to a loft above. about 20x23'. thinking of closing off 2 story portion with a floor and adding a room in it's place. was wonder of cost since I would be only adding a floor and two walls and of course electrical. I was quoted $20k and thought that was kind of spendy since I didn't need a roof or anything like that. thanks John

Author: Nelson Behr
Posted: 1/28/2004
John thats actually very reasonable @ 460 s.f. you are looking at less than $50/sf which is about 1/3 cost of new home space. Thats not even considering if loads on heads, walls, beams etc below and in any basement or crawl space are sufficient to handle the additional loads. This should be designed and engineered to avoid sagging or even structural failures down the road.I suggest an engineer at a minimum and or an architect to get this done. Good Luck
Author: john lewis
Posted: 1/29/2004

sorry don't know what I was thinking the area is about 11x23.

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