Topic: Adding a Mini Dormer

Author: Amy Kirby
Date Posted: 5/18/2004
We are considering buying a 1-bedroom cape, but would want to add a mini-dormer to the second floor in order to put in a half-bath. Any remote estimates as to what that would cost? Thanks in advance for any help...I meant a 1-BATHroom cape. It has 4 bedrooms. Thanks.
Author: joanne
Posted: 5/26/2004
We have a 4 bedroom 2 bath cape with an extended kitchen and a family room-we are basically destroying the top level (2 bedrooms-small and 1 bath) for 3 bedrooms including a huge master bedroom and sitting area ,a laundry room, and a huge bathroom--we decided to forgo the master bath--and around 200sq ft of storage space above garage and walk in closets in each bedroom--storage is my issue. It is about 1500sf including storage we got estimates from $164,000 to $183,000--though some contractors include more than others. It seems $110-$130sq/ft seem to be the going price in my area--central-southern New Jersey.

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