Topic: Attic Bedroom Remodel

Author: Prima Hayter
Date Posted: 1/2/2004
We recently purchased a 1.5 story home that uses a converted attic as the master bedroom + 3/4 bath. We would like to remodel the space, including adding a dormer to bump out the bathroom, increase ceiling height by raising the roof (right now the max height at the center peak of the roofline is 8'3", with a knee height of 3'). The room is 650 sq ft. Does anyone have a rough ballpark figure on what this would cost, so we can determine whether the cost/value would be worth the effort?

Author: Nelson Behr
Posted: 1/28/2004
Prima, I dont think you are going to be able to get an accurate number on here because there are many unknowns as to what structural changes might be required, how much demolition and how much rework is required. I suggest contacting a contractor to see if after looking at what you have in mind they can give you ballpark ideas of costs. Its always tough since contractors need drawings to get accurate bids and you need ideas of costs to see if you want to get drawings done. The best thing I can suggest call and get some preliminary ideas and see if you want to continue on with project.

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