Topic: Add a Basement Bathroom

Author: Alberta Winsor
Date Posted: 2/22/2002
I am planning on adding a 3/4 bath in my finished basement. Has anyone had this project done? What was it like? How did it turn out?

Author: James
Posted: 4/5/2002
I have recently added a bathroom to my basement. Depending on your waste line height and vent access it can become expensive. If your waste line is above your slab than you will need to look into ejection toilets [$500-$700] uninstalled. If your waste runs under your slab than you will need to estimate the cost of hammering up the concrete, tying in and re-pouring the slab. You will need to price stock as well...for a 3/4 bath the stock will probably run you around $250-$450, not counting concrete [for under slab work]
Author: Craig McAlevey
Posted: 4/21/2002

When I finished my basement 3 years ago I debated whether or not to add a bathroom. I did and my wife and I are very happy. We did not have any roughed in plumbing, so everything was started from scratch. I did the minor work myself. Tile work, toilet and vanity/mirror installation, things you can do yourself with just a little patience and following instructions. I let the plumber handle the plumbing which required the floor to be broken so the plumbing could be roughed in. I'd do it again and probably will in my next home.

Author: Debra Licursi
Posted: 1/4/2003
am wondering how your bath turned out, if, in fact you did it, and how much did it run you? We have the same situation here, a finished basement, and would like to add a 3/4 bath, but not sure if we should try such a big project ourselves. We will have a plumber do the plumbing, but we will do the rest...

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