Topic: Cost of Second Floor Addition

Author: saif Imam
Date Posted: 8/25/2002
I would like to know approximately what the per sqft cost would be for a second floor addition over the footprint of the existing home? The second floor additon is approximately 2400 sqft. The house is in West Bloomfield, MI zip 48324. Thank you.

Author: Joe Supulski
Posted: 8/25/2002
A good starting number these days is $100 per square foot or $240,000 in your case.
Posted: 9/3/2002

There are many variables to this type of project. How complex is the roof line? How many baths and what type of finishes and fixtures are used. What is pitch of roof and what quality roof ? What are spans of rooms below and will foundation and or beams below support the new loads. How much demolition is required to add new story.What is existing heating and a/c system like? Around here(Columbus, Ohio) you would be starting at $150/sq.ft. give or take.

Author: Tom Eng
Posted: 8/26/2002
I am almost finished with my 28 x 26 addition (725 sq ft) and I spent a total of $60,000. It includes a huge master bath with seperate shower and soak in tub , master bedroom, walkin closet, new family room and a 300 sq ft patio with steps from the new patio door. I don´t know how anyone can afford to spend $200/sq ft... I acted as my own GC and did the flooring, finish elec. finish plumb, painting etc.. You have to shop around for prices.. some estimates were 3 times the lowest estimate.

All of you who speak of $400k homes must be rich!! Your income must be 6 digits or more..

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