Topic: Telephone Pole

Author: Dana B
Date Posted: 10/30/2003
I have a telephone pole on my lot that is going to be in the middle of my driveway. Does anyone have suggestions on what to do? We heard it may cost us up to 7K to have it moved. Has anyone else had this problem?

Author: Rollie Peschon
Posted: 10/30/2003
Shouldnt cost 7 K to move it, but I dont know what utilities are on it, either. Why not mirror reverse your plan?
Author: Dana B
Posted: 11/4/2003
That is a good thought however we have water views and we want as much room on the water view side to have a huge deck and good size yard. Our lot is pretty small.
Author: Michael S. Berkman
Posted: 11/8/2003
Is the pole in a utility easement, a public right of way or just on your property? The answer to this question will give you some direction. If its just on your property, tell them to move it. Get a lawyer if they balk. If however it is in a utility easement or a public right of way, your only hope is to negotiate a price with the responsible utility for the relocation. Of course, utilities don´t really negotiate anything...they just give you a take it or leave it price and, yes, it can cost 7 grand to move it depending on a bunch of factors.
Author: Dana B
Posted: 11/4/2003
Thanks Michael! I have some information to work off of now. Do you know how we would find out if there is a utility easement? We are checking to see if it is on our property or if it is on a right of way. It might be on a private right of way? Do you know how that would work?
Author: Byron Keeler
Posted: 2/8/2004
Dana, if you have a survey, it may indicate the easements. Otherwise, call the town/village/city building department and ask them how to proceed. They have utility companies do this all the time. Also, somtimes if an old home is on a property, the utility pole was installed at the owner´s cost which makes it a "private" utility pole. Don´t know if this would work, but you could find out if the pole could be cut down and the utilties buried like in many parts of the country. Also, call your electric/telephone companies and have them come out. Good luck.
Author: Nelson Behr
Posted: 11/24/2003
Expert Reply
Dana I agree it may cost that much when you consider all that may be required. You dont talk about your plans but if they were drawn from scratch someone should have considered this. I have a client with small lake lot with exact same issue. He is having his moved but Im not aware of his costs. He knew his design would change if it couldnt be moved. An architect should be able to get creative with a solution that solves your multiple design restrictions either way. Best of luck

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