Topic: Partial Bathroom Remodel

Author: Maureen Spahr
Date Posted: 6/1/2002
I'm relatively happy with most of our bathroom, but since we have major renovations coming up, I figured we should fix what needs fixing now rather than making another mess in a year or two. The navy blue tub I guess I can live with, but the navy blue toilet has to go, and the walls need to be re-tiled. I love the tile floor, and I'd prefer to keep it, but there are grout problems and the floor feels soft and not well-grounded. Is it possible to take up the existing tiles, install a better mud bed and replace them? We do have some extra tiles available to repair the area around the toilet (which I assume will be necessary), but is repair a realistic option, or just too labor intensive to be worth it?

Author: Karen F. Timpone
Posted: 6/5/2002
I've heard of people reinstalling older tiles, but it depends on the integrity of the tile. Check with a ceramic installer and get some opinions from them. I'd have to love the tile, to go thru that type of project. Even doing it yourself would be a time consuming project, and I would only do it, if it was achieving the goal you desire. I really like the idea of a navy blue tub. It sounds like a great color. So combining whatever colors you use, will be the key to creating a beautiful room. There are ceramic tiles with designs in them, that could pick up the navy and additional colors in the room.
Author: Maureen Spahr
Posted: 6/6/2002

Thanks for the warning ... I don't think I love them that much! Since we're trying to squeeze the bathroom into the rest of our renovations, I actually thought it might be a way to economize, but I guess the labor costs and inconvenience would out-weigh any small savings on the tile. But if I keep the navy tub (which I do love, even though it's pain to clean), should I pop for another navy toilet to match? The sink (which is staying) is rose color (it matches the floor tiles, which is why I wanted to save them). I don't think I'm nuts about a rose toilet, but wouldn't a third color in a fixture be too much? As you know, I've already got a lot on my mind with the kitchen ... I was hoping to keep the bathroom simple. Thanks for all your help, Karen. Suddenly, I don't feel like I'm going through this alone!

Author: Karen F. Timpone
Posted: 6/7/2002
Maureen, If you study up on the cost of installing a new tub, you will find tub liners cost in the $800 to $1000 range, and a new tub will come in at about $2000 with the rip out, etc, but you could have the tub painted if it's a porcelein tub for between $250-$400. Personally I think 3 colors for the fixtures is too much, also, but I love the idea of a Navy blue toilet. I think it would be striking, and be cost effective in your remodel. The Kohler Wellworth is an excellent toilet, and comes in at a decent price-point. Of course American Standard and Eljer make a good product. You want to get a toilet with the trap glazed all the way down, and at least a 2 in. trap. So, I agree a navy toilet would look great.
Author: Megan Fairbanks
Posted: 11/3/2003
Definately fix everything that needs repair or renovation. Also, start on the projects or renovations you have been thinking about for quite some time. Once you start your remodel/renovation you will understand why you will not want to do anything once it is finished. Before you start have it in your mind it will take at least an extra 2-3 months longer than expected. This will keep from creating major disappointments and unecessary frustrations. This is not so much due to the contracters, workers, designers etc., but due to product ordering and delivery. Everything takes a lot longer than you would expect and nothing, I mean nothing is in stock ever!!! I suggest you select and preorder everything before you start removing and tearing anything up because you will be left with chaos at a stand still until your shipments arrive. I know it is difficult to know everything ahead of time but trust me it will be worth it! As far as your navy blue tub and toilet keep them both! I suggest you paint your walls a dark navy(blueish-gray), retile your floor with tile that has many different shades (high STS) of blue in it-small, large or both experiment, and finally add some great fixtures, or an interesting piece of art, although not necessary because your dark blue walls will be your focal point. You can accessorize around them adding great hanging lighting pieces, and wall sconces for ambience. I promise it is a great look and you will not regret it!!! Another plus is that using shades of blue will be the hot new trend for bathrooms in a few years. This is useful if you are thinking of or must sell your house in the future. In any case blue is a perfect hue for baths because of its calming, relaxing quality. I just thought I would pass on a few helpful hints that I wish I would have received befor embarking on my remodel! Sincerely, Megan

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