Measuring is Essential

Exactly how do you measure correctly for tile?

  • Locate the exact center on each wall and mark that center spot.
  • In rooms with offsets or irregularities, ignore the irregularities in the measuring process.
  • Hold a chalk line at the center position on facing walls, as marked and snap it on the floor. The exact center will be marked at the point where the two lines cross. The example in Fig. 3 shows a room 15'10" by 14' with a slight offset.
  • To check for accuracy, measure 3' in one direction and 4' in the opposite (90�) direction. When measured from true center, the distance from the 3' marking to the 4' point will be exactly 5'. If this is not the case, remeasure and rechalk each wall to find the true center. This is essential for a quality finish.

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