Definitions for Wood Furniture

Basic categories you should know about

No one wants to come home one day, place their briefcase or purse on a piece of furniture, and see it start to wobble. Nor do you want to create your own comic relief by sitting down on a chair or stool only to have it shudder and break beneath your weight. Determining quality in furniture is sometimes tricky, but learning a little "furniture speak" goes a long way when it comes time to buy the perfect addition to your home.


There are seven basic categories of furniture you as the buyer should know about.

General Tips

The following are basic guidelines to help you select new furniture pieces:

If you know what to look for, you can get better quality furniture for less money. By shopping around and broadening your options, you can find plenty of places like antique stores, ebay, and thrift stores that have good stuff at lower prices. The key to getting your money's worth is shopping carefully to meet your decorating goals. Sometimes it's better to get a a really superior piece, especially if you love it, than settle for a lower quality piece. And sometimes getting a practical, mid-range piece is exactly right for your needs. Once you recognize value, you'll be able to shop wisely and create the décor of your dreams.

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