Durable and Non-Slip

Make your own work of art on the floor

Have you ever gone into your local gym or a friendís garage and noticed a sudden bounce in your step? Rubber flooring has long been used in these areas for its durability and non-slip surface, but lately, rubber is beginning to make appearances in kitchens, garages, weight rooms, and play rooms. Not only is it a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to cover floors, rubber has many other advantages, including:

Rubber flooring comes in tile, interlocking tile, and sheet form. There is also the option to buy varying shapes, colors, and sizes to create your very own work of art rubber floor. Of course, you have to decide if rubber flooring is an appropriate addition to your home, because it may be less compatible if you have a more traditional home dťcor, but work very well in a modernist style residence.

One of the only disadvantages of installing rubber flooring indoors is the slight off-gassing it produces, which can be somewhat smelly and will have a negative impact on indoor air quality. If you choose to install rubber floors in your house, you want make absolutely sure itís in a room that is well-ventilated. The only rubber that doesnít have a significant odor is virgin rubber made from rubber trees. Rubber made from recycled materials such as tires usually has a pungent odor. However, itís very environmentally friendly either way as virgin rubber is a renewable resource and recycled rubber is saved from being thrown into the landfill.

Rubber flooring generally costs around $5-$7 per square foot, which is a pretty good deal for a floor that will last over twenty years. As with any major decision you make about your home, however, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. While rubber flooring can be great under your feet when youíre spending long hours in the kitchen cooking, it can also be a bit odoriferous if the room isnít getting enough ventilation. Shop around, ask questions about off-gassing, and make an educated decision on where it would fit best in your home.

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