Home Sale Checklist

Organize your home sale for maximum return

Home sale checklist

Preparing to sell a home is almost as big a job as moving itself. There is so much to do and a relatively short time frame for accomplishing everything. To get the largest offer in the shortest period, take advantage of a little planning and a lot of elbow grease.

The reasons are obvious when you think about it. People want to look at a clean house in good repair. If something is off or just a little dirty, it opens the door to doubts about the home's overall integrity and its past maintenance. When a prospective buyer sees a home where everything is shipshape and move in ready, they are more likely to meet or even exceed the asking price. Regardless of what the rest of the housing market is doing, you stand a better chance of selling your home quickly if you work your plan.

Three to six months before placing your home on the market

One to three months

Three weeks

One week to listing

After listing showings and open houses

Daily cleaning routine during listing period

If it seems like you are living in a model home, take heart. It's only temporary, but your efforts will pay off in a smoother sale with a better return.

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