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Buying a home? Get your own agent

If you´re like many prospective home buyers, when you´re almost ready to buy a home you start driving through desired areas, picking up flyers, and pondering the possibilities. If you´re looking at homes in another city, you start wandering the Web for real estate companies and the Multiple Service Listings in your targeted area. When you are finally ready to commit to the process, you call one of the agents listed on those flyers.

Real estate agents and brokers are required by state law to be licensed and most are educated, experienced professionals committed to stringent ethical standards. Even so, it´s still difficult for them to be completely unbiased when working with both buyer and seller, who by definition have very different goals. Sellers want to get the most they can from the sale of the home, and they expect the listing agent to find a buyer and close a sale.

As a buyer, you need your own advocate to show you the possibilities, answer questions, and represent your interests in the negotiations. A good agent can provide valuable perspective when you get a little nuts and really want to make an offer on a place that has 8 out of 10 of the items on your list of nice qualities, but none of your must haves.

According to the National Association of Realtors, most of us believe that the seller pays the real estate commission from equity in the home. This isn´t really true. Instead, by bringing the funding for the sale to the table, it´s the buyer who actually pays the agent´s fees. That said, it´s more important than ever for you to engage your own representative to negotiate the best possible terms.

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