Mover Fraud

Don´t get taken by a shady moving company

If you are moving within your state, regulations that currently exist are usually much different from those that regulate interstate moves. You are probably aware that there are the Good, the Bad, and the really, really Ugly movers who may pull a form of bait and switch scam that can cost you thousands of dollars more than you were originally quoted.

Dishonest movers can dawdle in delivering your shipment which in turn can cost considerable inconvenience and money when you have to purchase or rent interim replacement goods. That estimate you thought was such a good deal could turn out to be much higher when the mover demands payment for additional costs. In other words, your shipment could be held hostage because the “guaranteed estimate” didn’t include accessorial charges or other fees and real shipping costs exceed the true cost of the move.

Understand your rights

When hiring a moving company, it is vitally important for you to understand what rights you have, what types of oversight the moving industry is subject to, and to qualify your mover BEFORE you sign a contract or make any type of financial commitment.

Before 1995, the Interstate Commerce Commission regulated interstate movers, but since then the industry has been largely unregulated with virtually no oversight. Abuses are common, and it’s been estimated that 50% of all moves cost the consumer unanticipated expense, time, as well as lost or damaged goods. Recompense may be impossible.

Qualify your mover before you sign a contract

The following tips may help you select a mover that can get your possessions from one home to another without creating a nightmare situation:

More moving information and assistance is available at Mover Connection .

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