Moving Tips

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  1. If you are moving within your state, verify your mover´s licensing with the state´s Department of Transportation or other regulatory agency.
  2. If you are moving to a different state, make sure the mover carries the licensing and authority required by the Federal Department of Tranportation. Don´t rely on the company to be truthful. Protect yourself and check with the appropriate agency.
  3. Call the Better Business Bureau regarding constant or numerous complaints. The larger a company and the more moves it makes, the more likely it will have some complaints against it. Look for a patterns of behavior--and more importantly--successful problem resolution.
  4. Don´t rely on sales people to provide accurate information about competition. They may say things that are negative to put themselves in a better light. Quality organizations with a good track record rarely do this.
  5. Find out if the mover belongs to industry assocations. You can then check with the association to find out if they are members in good standing.
  6. The Federal government requires that movers provide a copy of "Your Moving Rights" written by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If a mover fails to provide this, pass them by. Protect yourself by reading it carefully.
  7. When moving to another state, get the following documents from your mover:
    • An "Order For Service" signed by your mover. This spells out the agreement between you and your mover by specifying the dates your goods will be loaded and delivered, the estimated cost, and (for interstate moves) the fact that the mover can only collect 110% of the estimate when delivery is made.
    • A written estimate that describes each line item of any extra or accessory charges. Make sure the estimate is conducted at your home. Phone estimates are notoriously inaccurate.
    • Obtain a Table of Measurements otherwise known as a Cube Sheet. This is the means by which the mover calculates the size and weight of your load. Make sure the estimate is based on weight, not cubic feet.

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