Getting Greener: Building Sustainable Practices at Home

Building environmental awareness

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Sustainable practices with respect to our homes take time and awareness to build. Many of us already recycle, compost, and organically garden. At the same time, our efforts are often a little haphazard. Time plays a big role; it takes education and rising awareness that products we purchase might not be the best products for our planet's health. Often, we'll choose what is fast and convenient instead of what we perceive as more labor intensive solutions. If we can recycle easily, we do, but if the curbside recycler doesn't take something we chuck it into the landfill.

Our goal is to provide a place for information about improving our practices incrementally. New ideas are constantly being presented, but with information coming at us from all directions, how can we know if something is a good idea or just current hype?

The articles in this section of Demesne are gleaned from experts in sustainable building and gardening. In time, we hope you'll find it to be a resource that helps you grow and points you in the direction of experts who have more to support their claims than snazzy packaging.

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