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Do you have questions about how to remodel your home, get a home equity loan, or purchase insurance? As homeowners, we seem to have an ever expanding need for more knowledge about a wide range of topics related to maintenance, improvements, buying and selling, and insuring our homes as well as moving our household goods. It´s particularly problematic because what applied five years ago may no longer hold. So what´s a body to do?

Demesne is an information-only website dedicated to collecting information about topics that concern homeowners. Our goal is to demystify what it takes to maintain and improve our personal space and protect it the best way possible. We present real information based on experience and research in a clear, simple format without flashing gizmos, banner advertising, or popups.

Of course, Demesne has hosting and administrative expenses. We do our best to keep our costs low and offer our articles free to anyone interested. We make money through Google ads and our Amazon store, so if you want to contribute to Demense's ongoing commitment to good information, freely available, buy your books through Amazon using our Bookstore Link.

If you have ideas, questions, or want to contribute an article, send us an email.

demesne (di-mAn´, -mEn´) n. 1. Law. Possession and use of one´s own land. 2. Manorial land retained for the private use of a feudal lord. 3. The grounds belonging to a mansion or country house. 4. An extensive piece of landed property; an estate. 5. A district; a territory. 6. A realm; a domain. [Middle English demeine, demesne from Anglo-Norman, from Old French demeine.]


Articles and information for Demesne are contributed by experts and specialists in each area. Please contact us if you have material of interest to home owners or would like to publish it on our pages.

Many home improvement articles are from NextStepRemodeling.com , which helps connect homeowners with home improvement contractors on the west coast. ContactorNexus.com brokers contractor services nationally and also provides information for this section. UpdateRenovate.com is another home improvement service that matches homeowners with contractors.

Information for our Insurance section is contributed by CoverageForMyCar , which helps consumers find auto insurance agents.

DiamondPeakMortgage.com connects home owners with quality mortage brokers.

Articles for movers are contributed by MoverConnection.com .

HearthRealEstate.com provides a free service to help consumers find local real estate agents.

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